a true adventure bike


Our ‘…my freedom, my adventure’ mantra, has never been so apt when you look at the brand new Gravelo gravel bike from Mach7. Engineered to the highest specification, each bike is beautifully hand painted with up to 14 coats of paint, where it’s created to your own personal requirements within the Silverstone Technology Cluster area.


The Mach7 Gravelo is built as a true adventure bike, enabling you do go where no other road bike can go – a true hybrid. It’s nimble, with its Toray UD carbon frame and has unrivalled comfort from 35mm grippy tyres which behave equally on and off road. Seriously powerful hydraulic brakes keep you safe in all conditions. Riding this machine, is an adventure, and creates a freedom to venture into the unknown.


  • Toray T800/T1000 layup of high modulus uni-directional carbon fibre
  • Lightweight structure, unpainted frame weight of 1050g (size 51.5)
  • Flat mount disc brake supports, 3K carbon seat-post, with British BB


Mach7 50mm deep x 25mm UD matte Carbon Aero clincher, 1440g

Shimano/SRAM freehub, fitted Continental Grand Sport Race tyres



Embedded NFC Chipset which carries Serial No. and unique bike info


Shimano 160mm front, 140mm rear hydraulic flat mount


KRU K-Class carbon aero handlebars. 100mm stem length, 420mm width, 40mm span.

Carbon look bar-tape and caps. Carbon top cap


Selle Italia X1 Flow, FeC Alloy rail

Specify Male or Female version at checkout



  • Unlimited life-time frame warranty (with ½ price crash replacement)
  • 2 year wheel-set warranty (with ½ price crash replacement)
  • 1 year additional component warranty, as per manufacturer spec

Custom Build

We understand that you may wish to either build your own bike from a frame-set yourself, or ask us to assemble a custom-build. This is entirely possible, please use the contact form below or give us a call for a specific quote on +44 (0)1938 433052


Please download the sizing and frame geometry PDF. You may find it useful to take this document if you have a bike fit carried out, so that you can be supplied with measurements we can use to create the perfect bike for you.